What is an orthoptist?

An Orthoptist is an allied health professional involved in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of disorders of the eyes, extra-ocular muscles and vision. Orthoptists are an important part of the eye care team and work in close association with ophthalmologists, usually in a hospital based setting. They are involved in many areas of care, including paediatrics, neurology, community services, rehabilitation, geriatrics, neonatology and ophthalmic technology.


             'Children with eye problems facing long hospital delays'

      -as reported here by RTE, 30 July 2013. 

        We share the public's concern regarding waiting times for children's eye
        services. Long delays in treating childhood eye problems can lead to permanent
        vision impairment in one or both eyes. We fully back proposals to extend
        community eye services, which will help ease the burden on our hospitals.