Careers at Irish Association of Orthoptists

Orthoptists are autonomous practitioners who work as part of an integrated eye care team. We work closely with opthathalmologists, optometrists, ophthalmic nurses, and technicians. Our role included working with endocrinologists, neurologists, neuroseurgeons, and other allied health professionals such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists to provide optimal care for patients. Visit our ‘Who are Orthoptists’ page for more information.

Advice on Courses

To work as an Orthoptist in Ireland an undergraduate degree or post graduate masters is essential.  Currently there are no courses in Ireland and the UK provide our recognised educational institutes.  For qulaifications gained outside of the UK and not recognised by the HSCP-UK (Health and Care Professionals Council) applications for recognition can be made to the Department of Health
Visit our ‘Become an Orthoptist’ page to find out about undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
Orthoptists primarily work within the HSE, please see our ‘Vacancies’  page for current vacancies.