– Beaumont Hospital

Thank you for listening to my concern about my on-going visual disturbances, numerous falls, and my head taking the knocks.  Words are not enough to express my great appreciation, your combined skills with kindness, compassion and reassurance. Grateful for the care you provide, remarkable staff, very genuine

– Dunshaughlin Health Centre

When attending the Orthoptic clinic with my son (8), the Orthoptist made him feel like a superhero. She explained everything to him so clearly and gave us both so much confidence about his eyesight and our plan going forward. I can’t thank you enough for the way that you spoke with him so respectfully, regardless of his age

– Beaumont Hospital

I have found the expertise, professionalism and support from the Orthoptic staff at Beaumont hospital to be exceptional and unparalleled.  The staff’s attention to detail and dedication to their profession let to a miraculous find that may otherwise have cost me my eyesight, eternally grateful